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Welcome to Lavendar Cove

Our Passion -- Join our blogs, learn about Teas, enjoy a new recipe for both tea and food, learn through our information, enjoy tea with a couple of friends. Signing in as a Member you will receive 10 % off your purchases.

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A full bodied tea from the regions of India, Sri Lanka & China blended with Hibiscus petals, Sunflower, Jasmine petals, Calendula, Red & Black currant pieces, tart Cranberry, Green & Black tea and natural flavors.

A soothing aromatic herbal tea and caffeine free.

This enjoyable tea will remind you of a tropical island and the fresh taste of Mango. Enjoy as an Iced tea or Hot tea. (Calendula petals, Mango pieces, Natural flavors, Lime leaves, Sunflower petals, Black Ceylon tea).

A well—graded superior, fruity and a refreshing flavor. Tea is plucked in the early season of March to April, hand-rolled and formed.

A beautiful simplicity of Rooibos, fruity (mango, bitter cherries), plant of the red thistle, dried yogurt pieces and a Kenyan coffee with a smooth Amaretto flavor sets you off to sea.

CREATE, DESIGN, PACK YOUR OWN FAVOR: - Specially created by you for your event.

A full flavored with hints of sweet pear, steamed, second flush leaf, typically plucked late summer to early autumn. Bancha is less refined than Sencha.


- - A lasting friendship begins with tea. - -

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